Our Ratoath Bouncy Castles

Our Ratoath Bouncy Castles

Here you can see all of our Ratoath Bouncy Castles we provide for renting.

Ratoath Bouncy Castles – Contact us to rent the best bouncy castles!

Wakka Mole

Size: 8×4

Spaceman Internal Slide

Size: 17×20

Princess Combi Castle

Size: 16×12

Bungy Run

Size: 40×12

Super Hero Bouncy Obstacle Course

Size: 12×18

Pirate Adventure Bouncy Castle

Size: 12×12

Super Hero Castle

Size: 12×12

Jail Bouncy Castle

Size: 12×12

Connect 4

Cash Grabber

Super hero fun run


Disco Marquee with lights & speaker


Large Disco Dome

Size: 17×17

Under the Sea, Enclosed 10ft platform slide


Frozen Bouncy Castle


Ratoath Bouncy Castles – Contact us to rent the best bouncy castles!

Disco Bouncy Castle


Jungle Bouncy Castle


Enter the Jungle and bounce with all the animals! How many Jungle animals can you spot on your bouncing safari! Very popular with boys and girls

Red & Blue Boxing ring


Have fun with this red and blue boxing ring! Perfect for all future gold medalists! This boxing ring is very popular amoung boys and girls and provides some entertaining laughs

Clown Bounce


Every child loves the circus and they will love the colours and designs of our clown bounce castle! This bright purple and yellow castles includes a rain cover!

Simpsons Bouncy Castle


Bart and Homer are coming to your party with this fun green and red bouncing castle. It includes a full rain cover to is perfect for every occassion!

Simpsons Bouncy Castle


Bart and Lisa are ready to greet you as you enter our Simpsons themed castle! This bright and cheerful castle is very popular amoung kids who adore the Simpsons

Circus Bouncy Castle with front safety wall


Have a dat out at the circus with this super big top circus castle! This castle includes a front safety walls, so the little ones can bounce safely around inside.

Zoo Theme


How many Jungle animls can you spot on our Jungle themed castle! This is a super fun yellow and red castle and is sure to put a smile on your childs face.

Spaceman Castle


Try and do the spacewalk in this fun themed space castle! This castle is sure to make your party a great day! Its perfect for most small gardens!

Adults Party Castle


As the castle says! Its party time! This bright and party packed castle is great for kids and young adults. Its party themed and sure to get the party started.

Princess Bouncy Castle


Be a princess for a day with this beautiful princess castle. Every little girls dream! Its sure to be the talking point of your little girls party!

Scooby Doo Castle


Everyone loves Scooby Doo! This fun and colourful castle comes in blue and red and is suitable for both boys and girls! Get the party started!

Simpsons Castle


The Simpsons are in town with this super fun bouncy castle. Both boys and girls love this castle which includes all the popular Simpsons characters!

Looney Tunes


How speedy are you? This fun Looney Tunes castle is great fun for every party! Its bright and colourful and comes with a rain cover! A very popular choice.

Mickey Mouse Castle


One of our most popular castles. The disney characters of Mickey and Minnie join forces on this fun blue and red bouncy castle! Perfect for boys and girls.

Circus Bouncy Castle


Their will be plenty of clowning around on this castle. A great choice for both boys and girls this spacious castle will keep the kids busy all day long!

Pirate Bouncy Castle


Set sail in this pirate bouncy castle! A great choice for boys and girls who love the sea and the piratety ways! Colourful Bright and Cheerful!

Princess Medieval Castle


Will the great Knight save the princess? This is a great castle for all little princesses. The perfect addition to every perfect princess party!

Super Hero’s


Are you a little superhero? This is a great castle to inspire all generations to become a real life superhero! This purple and red castle is great for all age groups!

Party Theme Bouncy Castle


Its Party Time! Get ready to party with this fun purple and blue castle! Fun for all age groups, it provides hours of entertainment. Includes a rain cover and party theme as standard.

Princess Bouncy Castle


Perfect in Pink! This one is a sure winner for all those little girls looking for the perfect party! This is a beautiful bouncy castle and is sure to put a smile on every little girls face.

Spiderman Castle


This purple and red castle is very popular amoung boys. Can you fly and glide like Spideman? This castle is sure to provide hours of endless fun and games.

Disco Activity Centre

Super Hero Combi


Frozen Combi


Under the Sea Bouncy Castle Combi


Long Princess Combi

Size: 12ft x 19ft

This combi castle includes a larger bouncing area.

Activity Combi


Long Jungle Combi


Spider Man Combi


Front Slide Party Combi


Its party time and this castle will sure get the party started! Boys and Girls love the bright colours and theme of this castle! Its a great choice as its includes a front slide.

Spiderman Front Slide


Spiderman is always a popular choice for little boys! Not only does this include an amazing bouncing area, it also includes a super fun front slide!

Enclosed Jungle Slide


Welcome to the Jungle! This is a really popular choice for boys and girls! It includes a super fun bouncing area and integrated slide! Hours of fun and jungle games!

Disney Train


All aboard the disney train! This eye catching castle includes and enclosed bouncing area and back slide! Kids love the design of this castle! A popular choice

Circus Front Slide


Roll up Roll up with this amazing circus front slide and boucing castle! Kids who love the excitment of the circus will love this castle! Its great fun for every event

Party Theme Front Slide


Lets get the party started with this super fun party castle. Not only does it come with a large bouncing space it also includes a great fun front slide!

Playboy Combi


A fun castle for young adults! This playboy themed castle is very unique and special! It looks great for every occassion and includes a rain cover!

Mickey Mouse Train Combi


All aboard the Mickey Mouse train. This is a very popular choice amoung young kids who love Mickey Mouse! Hours of entertainment on Mickeys train!

Simpsons Combi Castle


Lisa and Bart are ready to bounce with this fun, blue, red and yellow castle. This fun slide comes with a great side slide and rain cover

Clown Combi Castle


This is a fun castle castle which includes a side slide. The boys and girls love this castle which comes with clowns at the front!

Crazy Cowboy Combi Castle


This is a great looking castle for every event. Let the Wild West come to town with this fun themed castle. A very popular choice amoung boys and girls.

Rainbow Combi Castle


This is a very popular choice for all parties! This bright and colourful castle provides hours of fun on the slide as well as the enclosed bouncing area!

Princess Combi Front Slide


This one of our new castles perfect for every princess party. Girls will love to jump and slide on this perfect princess combi castle!

Disney Front Combi Castle


This fun Disney themed Disney bouncy castles comes with a front slide for even more fun. This bouncy castle is great for boys and girls and comes in red and blue!.

Super Slide 10ft Platform

Size: 14ft x 22ft

10ft Platform Disco Theme Slide


Get your disco skills out with our super 10th platform theme slide! Hours of fun and games with this brighly coloured slide! Climb up and slide down!

10ft Platform Slide


This platform slide provides hours of laughs and games! Its great fun for all age groups and a very popular choice for boys and girls! Let the sliding begin!

Super Slide Red and blue 10ft platform


Super Slide equals super fun for boys and girls. This is one of our most popular slides! This breath taking 10 slide will certainly provide trills and laughs at every event

9ft Platform Water Slide & Detachable Water Pit


Have great sliding fun on our water slide with detachable water pit! This striking blue massive 9ft slide is a super attraction at every party or event!

12ft Platform Superslide


Get ready to slide! This red and blue 10ft slide is sure to impress at every party! A great choice for all age groups and hours of entertainment

Garden Slide


The Garden Slide is a great option for those who have a large garden! This garden slide is perfect with any castle or combi unit

Garden 8ft Slide


Summer is here with this popular Garden Slide. Children love to slide and come up with great games on this bright and fun bouncy castle.

Wakka Wall


Ideal for Indoors & Outdoors

Penalty Shootout


Bomb Squad

Wrecking Ball Duel


Ratoath Bouncy Castles – Contact us to rent the best bouncy castles!

55ft Obstacle Course

Size:55ft x 15ft

50ft Jungle obstacle Course


Disco Dome

Diametre: 14ft

Bluetooth, Disco Light, Sound System

Two Part Party Theme Obstacle Course

Size: 50×12

This truely an amzing and stunning obstacle course! Navigate your way into the bouncing area, Climb our bouncy hill and continue to our obstacle course! Super fun for boys and girls.

Eliminator Obstacle Course


Can you handle the Eliminator? This is truely a challenge for boys and girls to find there way through our obstacle maze, navigate the slide and arrive at the other end!

Pirate Obstacle Course (Two-Part)


Set sail in our Pirate Obstacle course! This will challange every child and young adult to complete! This eye cactching design comes in two parts!

Jungle Obstacle Course (Two Part)


This two part obstacle course is suitable for large garden and play areas. Kids will love the slides, bouncing areas and obstacles of this course!

Moonwalk Fully Enclosed


Moon man Mickey is ready to greet you on this Moonwalk adventure. Join all the disney characters with this fun enclosed bouncy castle!

Boys Dance Dome


Who loves to dance. This white and puple dance dome is perfect for little boys. A visually striking castle which is fully enclosed so its super safe!

Small Dance Dome


Who loves to dance. This pink and puple dance dome is perfect for little girls. A visually striking castle which is fully enclosed so its super safe!

Large Dance Dome


One of our most interesting castles! This fully enclosed dance dome is great fun for the boys and girls. This will keep them entertained all day long.

Gladiator Duel


Ready, Steady, Go! This gladiator game provides great action on the day of any event! Very popular with all age groups, its also very safe and secure

The Carousel

Size:16 Diameter

Carosel is one of our most unique inflatables. This enclosed castle is sure to provide the talking point of every kids party. Bright and colourful and is suitable for boys and girls

Pillow Wars


Are you ready to go to war in this ultimate castle and pillow war combination. Perfect for every special day girls and boys will be occupied all day!

Sumo Suits

These sumo suits will provide great entertainment at any event. Safe and secure and suitable for the older age group! Try and see how easy it is to get back up!

Available for Adults and Kids

Ratoath Bouncy Castles – Contact us to rent the best bouncy castles!

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